Dr Stefania Giamminuti

The value of culture and an ethic of innovation: Reciprocal professionalism in Reggio Emilia

Dr Stefania Giamminuti (Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, Curtin University) is an early childhood teacher and researcher who spends her days dancing across the boundaries of languages, places, homes and professions. A Roman who grew up walking amongst the beautiful urban layers of a much loved historic city, she now lives with her family within the broad horizons, white sands, and infinite skies of the stunning West Australian coast. A long time collaborator of the educational project of the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy, Stefania is an award-winning bilingual researcher and author who constantly moves between languages and world views, appreciating the complexity of the layers of knowledge and culture in the encounter between different places, their histories, their values and practices. Always a teacher, and always a researcher, Stefania stands on the shoulders of many others in other places, and offers her own shoulders to teachers and researchers internationally as they dream of possibilities for and with children. The place at the boundary is rich in uncertainties and opportunities, Italian and Australian, and so it is for Stefania a place of joy and hope, creativity and dreams. It is a place of encounter and beauty, not a lonely place, a place that has welcomed many treasured collaborations such as the ones that have brought her to this conference.

Author of the eminently acclaimed and award-winning book ‘Dancing with Reggio Emilia: Metaphors for Quality’ - and of many other books, book chapters, and journal articles - Stefania is an inspiring and provocative public speaker who is highly in demand internationally. 

PhD. Doctoral Thesis: Pedagogical Documentation in the Reggio Emilia Education Project: Values, Quality and Community in Early Childhood Settings 2009.

Senior Lecturer Early Childhood Education, Curtin University. BSc, Adv.Dip.Ed. Child Development. Adv.Dip.Ed. Applied Linguistics, Master of Education.

Recipient of the 2010 Early Career Award of Western Australian Institute for Educational Research; the ECA Doctoral Thesis Award for 2010 and the Creswick Foundation fellowship 2006.

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