Dr Jayne Osgood

Storying subversive tactics: Bringing philosophy, research and early childhood practice together as a means to reconfigure 'quality'

Dr Jayne Osgood (Professor of Early Years & Gender, Middlesex University) is a passionate teacher, researcher, activist and mother who strives to make a difference in the world, however small.  She lives in a green enclave of north London with her family and spends her time exploring the city and its leafy outskirts. When she is not dwelling in the city she can be found on the east coast of England in pursuit of peace and invigoration that a brisk sail on the family boat always guarantees. For Jayne, sailing underscores the intimate connection between human, space, place, tide, wind, swells, smells, tastes, sounds, rhythms, sandbanks, satellite technology, ropes, winches, engines and anchor. Sailing is a reminder of the entanglement, mutual interdependence and endless relationalities between the human and the-more-and-other-than-human. It is a reminder that we are all intricately intermeshed in otherworldly connection. Despite being a city dweller Jayne finds nourishment and connection to the world through daily yoga practice, camping under the stars in the summer months, and walking in one of the many wooded areas that lay hidden in the metropolis. She has long-established connections to Norway,not least the derivation of her name which comes from the Old Norse Asgautr. For Jayne, setting foot on Norwegian land provokes an uncanny connection, a welcoming second home where she is always guaranteed a warm embrace from the people, places and adventures. She has been fortunate enough to hold a Professor II position at OsloMet University where she has worked with inspirational peers and students to advance the ways in which early childhood education is theorised, researched and practiced. Jayne has worked in early childhood for over twenty years and is committed to bringing theory and practice together in order to pursue a more liveable world. Life for children in the 21stcentury is stimulating, enriching, curious, terrifying and uncertain in equal measure. Pursuing ways to (re)imagine early childhood, as a space and time when babies and children are taken seriously and their connections to, and contributions towards, the world can teach us something more. Jayne firmly believes that attuning to the culture of childhood and dwelling upon our worldly connections to place, space and time offers the potential for lives to be more liveable and for the wonder that resides in the mundane and seemingly unremarkable to be recognised, as ultimately transformative.

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