Anthony Semann

Seeing hope in a climate of accountability 

Anthony is one of the founders of Semann & Slattery. Often asked how Semann & Slattery was established he often has a temptation to make up a story of some well-planned out business model and long term investment strategy but the truth of it is that the business was born out of a desire to make a difference. No long-term planning, no business model and definitely not an investment strategy. And this desire to make a difference has been the fuel that has kept Semann & Slattery going for 20 years. Qualified as an early childhood teacher Anthony spent the first part of his career working in long day care programs eager to learn as much as he could about how to make a difference. It wasn't long after he began his career that he discovered the importance of equity and social justice as been a driving force in social change. He remains committed to naming out inequity, shifting practice towards justice and living a life that embodies all that he preaches.  


Anthony has grown to understand that power of leadership but the more he thinks about it the more confused he has become. This confusion perhaps has been one of the driving forces about his struggle with leadership, as he tries to find ways to unshackle himself and others from processes which dehumanize the human spirit. 


Often seen wearing black, you can find Anthony most days in an airport with a smile on his face. He enjoys nothing more than a holiday abroad and a day at the beach. His family and friends are his oxygen in life and give him pleasure in the everydayness of life. His long-term plan is to live a full life which is balanced and never succumb to old age.

Co-presenting with: Associate Professor Alma Fleet

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