Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)


27 - 29 February 2020

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The conference motif INSPIRE aims to act as a contagion for social and pedagogical change within the early years' sector. The INSPIRE 2020 conference includes national and international speakers who will challenge us to dream, to act, and not be limited by what we have, but to dream about what can be. We will explore the multiple interpretations of inspiration; offering dreams, creativity and innovation as a provocation to launch and ground ideas and stories. To question our future – how might we shape, influence and achieve change in thinking and practice. To consider the value of inspiration in what we do – is it necessary for our success? To discuss how, in a world filled with distraction, we focus our energy to realise our aspirations for early education and children.


It is through stories of inspiration that changes occur. Through stories told in chapters of inspiration, the conference aims to instil in delegates both the hope and the skills to improve possibilities for children. INSPIRE 2020 will foster learning, creativity, innovation and future thinking.

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